Vordel Provides Much-Needed Interoperability for Cloud Computing -- Hailed as an important innovation, the Vordel Gateway Cloud Edition provides secure connectivity to Amazon, Google, Salesforce and others
Herndon, VA and Dublin, Ireland, June 30, 2009 -- Vordel, the XML networking management company, today announced the Vordel Gateway Cloud Edition which provides interoperability for Cloud Computing platforms including Amazon, Force.com, and Google.

Interoperability is particularly important for Cloud Computing since organizations wish to take advantage of the great cost-savings on offer, but without becoming locked-in to a single Cloud Computing vendor. In particular, it is of interest to the U.S. Government, with its focus on cloud computing as a key "cross-cutting" saving across government departments and agencies.

The Vordel Gateway Cloud Edition can be deployed on the local network, acting as the pivot point between applications and Cloud-based services. Deployed in this way, it provides an on-ramp from local applications to the Cloud. Even a single application can leverage multiple Cloud Computing services, without coding.

It can also be deployed "cloud-side" to link Cloud-based services together. Due to its lack of proprietary hardware, it enables users to benefit from the "elasticity" of the Cloud in order to scale, whereby capacity is added automatically as traffic grows.

Phil Schacter, Vice President and Service Director with Burton Group said "The cloud services market is immature with few standards on how customers establish and control access by their users, and how providers protect information and report activity back to the customer. The concept of an enterprise gateway that connects to all internal and public cloud services accessed by various departments and users is an important innovation that allows a focal point for enforcing policy and auditing usage of services, and that is independent and transparent to specific cloud providers."

"Low capital and operating costs make Cloud Computing very attractive. However, security and interoperability are key concerns. At Vordel we saw that a way to leverage Cloud Computing services in a controlled, secure manner was required. The array of Cloud connectors in the Vordel Gateway Cloud Edition offer organizations a pragmatic way to link to Cloud Platforms, without coding, and with governance in place." said Mark O'Neill, CTO at Vordel.

Vordel's Gateway appeals to CIOs under pressure to leverage the cost savings of the cloud utility computing model by enabling them to link to multiple Cloud Computing vendors without requiring coding or custom integration work. This is achieved while maintaining full visibility and control of cloud usage. It also appeals to those developers and architects who need a fast and efficient way to integrate Cloud-based services with their local applications.

Key features of Vordel's cloud gateway solution include the ability to:

    Link applications to Cloud Services, without coding
    Integrate local applications with offsite Cloud services (e.g. storage services, sales force automation, queues, etc.) to leverage greater time and cost savings.

    Out of the box connector to Cloud providers including Amazon Web Services (AWS)
    Enable engineers to drag and drop links to quickly connect internal applications into cloud services [no coding required].

    Monitor cloud service availability and responsiveness
    Proactively detect outages by Cloud services providers. Ensure that users only pay for what's received.

    Safeguard Confidential Data
    The same regulatory rules apply in the Cloud as outside, e.g. SOX, HIPPA, Basle II & US Patriot Act. Using Vordel's underlying security acceleration, sensitive data is selectively encrypted before being sent up to Cloud service providers.

    Monitor and alert cloud usage and costs
    Monitor the Cloud in the same way that any other utility is scrutinized. By providing local metering of cloud services usage, local control is applied to Cloud computing by internal IT and finance teams.

    Alerting for misuse of services and failure of SLA
    Set automatic alerts to advise of unusual service usage. Detect rogue Cloud service usage.

    Conserve network bandwidth and increase performance and decrease costs
    Cache frequently accessed and transmitted data to save money and provide network redundancy.

    Control access between the organization and the services hosted in the cloud
    Data should only be exchanged with trusted providers.

    Audit and archive interactions with the cloud services
    Full traceability of each and every transaction conducted.

    Secure data transfer
    It is important to scan incoming and outbound data sent to the Cloud for malicious data. Vordel is a leader in high-performance content-scanning of the XML and REST interfaces used by Cloud service providers.

This announcement supports Vordel's strategy of delivering high-performance application networking solutions built on standards-based XML technologies. Vordel Gateway Cloud Edition is available as an appliance or software and can be deployed locally on a network or within the Cloud.

About Vordel

Vordel is an XML network management company that provides high performance, enterprise-level hardware and software products to enable enterprises confidently deploy SOA and Cloud-linked applications. Vordel accelerates, manages and protects XML applications to enable enterprises govern their Web Service and Cloud service usage and ensure service performance.

For more information visit http://www.vordel.com.