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Regin: Don't Blame Russia, China

Regin: Don
Cyber-security researchers say they've identified a highly sophisticated computer hacking program that appears to have been used by an as-yet unidentified government to spy on banks and more.
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Wrong backup cloud could mean permanent loss of endpoint data
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'Regin' Stealthy Malware Uncovered
Here we go again -- or should that be “Regin”? That’s the name security firm Symantec has given to an “advanced piece of malware” used in systematic spying campaigns at least as far back as 2008.
Feds: TRUSTe Deceived Consumers
Federal regulators said a respected Internet privacy company gave its seal of approval to commercial websites and mobile apps but failed to check whether they were meeting standards.
Apple Hits High; Security Questioned
Months after first setting fresh all-time highs on Wall Street, Apple's valuation has reached its own record mark, even in spite of government concerns over recent security snafus and vulnerabilities.
WireLurker Malware Targets Apple
Who said Macs were immune to malware? After years of largely skirting the security issues that plague Microsoft’s Windows operating system, Apple is getting a harsh dose of reality.
HP Helps Schools Fight Cyber Threats
Malware and attacks are a 24/7 problem.
Backoff Malware Is Spreading
Problem is, prevention won't work.
BadUSB Attack Code Goes Public
Opens door to cyberattacks.
Apps Spying on China Protesters?
Hi-tech cross-platform malware found.
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