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Is the Amazon Fire Phone a Winner?

Is the Amazon Fire Phone a Winner?
A late entry into a packed category of smartphones, Amazon's Fire phone offers a variety of unique features. Now, the reviewers are assessing if they're enough to make the phone stand out.
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Review: Amazon's New Fire Phone
The Fire phone uses Android, but Amazon has modified it to the point that it's barely recognizable. That means the phone offers new ways to navigate, discover and, of course, shop.
Nokia X Phones Had Identity Crisis
So long, Nokia X, we hardly knew you. The Nokia X phones Microsoft discontinued blend two rival operating systems, but leave out the best of each. As a result, the devices didn't become a runaway hit.
Microsoft Axes Android Phones
Assimilated into Microsoft, Nokia will be making Windows phones and that's it. Microsoft has decided to end Nokia's development of Android-based phones, feature phones and the Asha operating system.
Sapphire Screen Reported on iPhone 6
Will Apple's iPhone 6 feature a virtually indestructible sapphire screen? Reports on the Web point to it, with videos showing efforts to scratch the screen with an X-Acto knife or pierce it with a hammer and nail.
Is Apple Dumping iPhones on eBay?
Factory Certified sells refurb handsets.
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IBM Uncovers Android Security Flaw
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